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February 18th, 2005

11:33 am: Yesterday Rob told me that he wants me to use a strap-on/dildo on him. Wow. I'm so happy!

February 16th, 2005

11:46 am:
What Card Captor Sakura Character Are You?
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Hey! Not very bright?

11:12 am: Heh, I think I've spent enough time with this today. In closing I think I'll post some stuff you might like, hehe...

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09:52 am: Sugoi! Just testing my new icon. Like it? Hehehe!

08:51 am: I should tell you that the names have been changed, for obvious reasons. Anyway, on with the show!

Jen was wearing her white blouse and plaid skirt when I opened the door last night after school. If you haven't read my profile as of yet, you should know that I have a huge appreciation for the Catholic/Japanese schoolgirl look (ie. either with a fuku or outfit like Jen was wearing). As soon as I looked at her I could feel myself getting moist between my legs. We made our way back to the somewhat grungy couch that's in my rec. room and started licking one another. We've been practicing w/ our tongues quite a bit lately, and we're getting pretty adept. I started licking her face (a fetish of hers, but don't let her know I told you that -_^) and working my fingers up, past her skirt and into her panties. Lace. Pink, lacey panties. --sigh--

So we were sucking one another's tongues as we went at it, feeling one another up. Jen has larger breasts than I do (something I'm kind of envious of), but I'd like to think that I'm none too shabby. Jen took my shirt and bra off completely, she lay on the couch with her shirt half-opened, bra removed. I gave her a few more wet kisses, then focused on her chest, circular licking upon her areolas. They're a really pretty mocha color, unlike the pink in mine. They (and her tits in general!) are very soft, I love squeezing them in my hand. She loves when I clamp down on her nipples with my teeth, so I did as much. At this point she was already grinding into my crotch, and, thankfully enough, Rob had come home since. Good thing too, since my panties were already soaked by this point.

Rob looked at us with an appreciative smile. I love Rob, as does Jen. Rob's older than the both of us, so between the fact that he thinks that the both of us are gorgeous (aww...) and the fact that what he's doing is illegal, he gets really hot and hard. I'm pretty fond of Rob's cock, but I guess that goes without saying. ^_^ While Rob was undressing I took off my pants and tossed my soggy panties off into a corner. Jen had already worked her way out of her shirt and panties, so she was nude underneath me. Rob came over, dick at the ready, and pushed it into me from behind. I don't know if I can speak for girls everywhere, but I love the feeling when a cock meets resistance in my pussy, then works its way inside. That half-second or so of resistance makes me tingle everywhere. So while Rob was thrusting into (and out of, of course!) me, I let Jen lap at my fingers, then slid them along her clit. Jen starts moaning really easily, so I waited a bit for her to start moaning more intently, then pushed my fingers in completely. She does this beautiful whimpering thing, and doing the above made her start. With this Rob flipped me over and started to fuck me missionary-style. Jen pushed herself against the arm of the couch, her crotch down near my face. I leaned backward, letting Rob's thrusting make my tongue make contact with Jen's pink. She started to cum all over my face, so I inserted my fingers again and helped her along. By this point I was getting ready as well; I indicated this to Rob as well, letting him pull back out.

I moved off of the couch, giving Rob the opportunity to fuck Jen for awhile. She started panting heavily while I kissed her deeply, and before we knew it she'd made Rob's crotch nice and wet, hehe. Jen moved out of the way, letting me get on all fours on the couch. Rob was behind me and Jen was below. Jen wet her fingers with her own pussy and put them inside of me, Rob fluffed himself just a bit, pulled on a condom, and, after a few seconds, put his cock into my ass.


Hehe, sorry, I love to recount things like this, and remembering it all makes me really hot. Sorry for the pause. I started shaking horribly as the two went to work on me, Rob practically slamming into me from behind, Jen using her deft little tongue to play with me. As the two went inside me I could feel myself building for a climax, my body became like a furnace, and my vision blurred. Before I knew it, I had cum, dripping onto the couch and Jen's legs. God, it was soooo good! I collapsed into Jen's arms and let Rob thrust his dick into my asshole for a bit more before he pulled back out, stripping the condom off.

Rob's got a thing for bukkake, so both Jen and I got on our knees, let Rob position himself over us, and he blew his load. Jen ended up with a lot of cum on her nose, I got a lot in my hair and mouth (mmm, my favorite -_^). We cleaned up, hugged for a bit, and went on with our day.

Such a nice way to end the day. Hehe.

08:37 am: So first entry, eh? I'm not really sure what to write here as my mind's drawing a blank (as it all too often does, I'm afraid!). There's really not much to report on my life right now. I'm looking for a job, since, as always, I'm rather strapped for $$$. I also had some amazing sex with both my girlfriend and boyfriend last night. Oh, that's right, I'm kinda...:ahem: into threesomes. We're all poly, everyone's cool with it, and we use protection, so it's a good time! Perhaps I should document what went down.

Perhaps later, I'm fatigued now.

Oh well, off to get some chocolate milk! Wahoo!


February 15th, 2005

11:41 am: I have to warn you all that this journal can be/is pretty graphic. I'm a pretty open individual and it comes across in my writing. If the kinds of things you find in my interests list offend/disturb you, I apologize, and feel free to move along to something else, I won't be offended.

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